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  • Achieving Excellence Through Knowledge

  • Nurturing Lifetime Relationships With Clients

  • Customer Service


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I am 100% committed to creating wealth for my clients through prudent Real Estate Investments, Coaching, Profitable Sales and finding the Best Deals.

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Jerry Raczkowski
The Landlord’s Bible TM


The Keys to Your Success in Property Management


S-ave thousand$ of $$$

A-void Ca$h Flow Thieves

V-aluate Any Property

E-quity Increase $ecrets


"This is one of the best books on landlording that I have come across. It is a powerhouse of creative ideas that can be put to work instantly. Read it, take action and profit right away."


Raymond Aaron
The Nation’s Business Coach



Landlording is about making profits. By reading my book, you will learn money-saving techniques and how to become street smart. Learn how to take advantage of various money-making opportunities available to landlords.

You will learn the following techniques to ensure your success in this business;

  • How to purchase appliances at discounted rates

  • How to upgrade your property without spending too much money while increasing its perceived value

  • How to save money on utility bills

  • How to increase your monthly cash flow by thousands of dollars

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls awaiting every landlord

  • How to negotiate and resolve disputes

  • How to track down the "deadbeats"

  • How to collect rent painlessly

  • How to ask the right questions over the phone

  • How to avoid the most common "cash flow thieves"

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